Hotel Ilan.(Facebook)

• The Times has a haunting account of the chemical attack in Syria. [NYT]

• Warsaw’s Jewish community is opening a 44-room, four-star hotel in the building that formerly housed the Lublin Yeshiva. And they’re hiring! [Jewish Heritage Europe]

• A record-breaking California wildfire led to the evacuation of a Jewish summer camp near Yosemite National Park, but not before a staff member saved the camp’s Holocaust-era Torah scroll. [Forward]

• A 20-year-old American-born IDF soldier who collapsed last week during training and was put on life support has reportedly spoken and started breathing on his own. [JTA]

• Jewcy’s binge-friendly Netflix Jews series laments Orange is the New Black’s Larry Bloom, played by Jason Biggs, the hit show’s only one-dimensional character. [Jewcy]

• A bible stolen in 1971 from a church in Hastings, England was returned in the mail, along with an apology note from the thief. [Huffington Post]