Sarah Silverman released a new video over the weekend in which she proposes that the pope sell the Vatican in order to make enough dough to end world hunger. “You preach to live humbly, and I totally agree,” she says, addressing the pontiff in her typical faux-coy manner. “So now maybe it’s time to move out of your house that is a city. On an ego level alone you will be the biggest hero in the history of ever, and by the way—any involvement in the Holocaust: Bygones.” Even greater incentive? Such largesse would lead to “crazy pussy. I don’t mean literally. That may not be your cup of tea.”

Predictably, stodgy viewers found Silverman’s approach offensive (come on, people—“house that is a city”—is sheer! comic! gold!). Among the scolds is Catholic League president Bill Donohue, quoted in an article in America, a Catholic weekly. He says Silverman is being anti-Catholic and that her “filthy diatribe would never be allowed if the chosen target were the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and the state of Israel.” Really? Donohue’s obviously not following the comedian on Twitter, where she spares nobody, least of all her own kind, from insult. To wit: “Saw A Serious Man last night — a disgusting yet accuate portrait of us grossy jews down to, like our thicker-ish saliva.”

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