• Boxer and rabbinical student Yuri Foreman won a World Boxing Association title in Las Vegas on Saturday night. [AP]
• Some Palestinians have drafted a plea to the U.N. Security Council to appeal directly for their own state; Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu says if they move forward with it, Israel may cancel the interim peace accords, which are what allow the Palestinian Authority to exist in the first place. [AP]
• Meanwhile, the Palestinian Liberation Organization is planning a coup to take over the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Hamas-controlled parliamentary body for the P.A. [Ynet]
• A group of “anti-fascist” hackers exposed private emails of Holocaust revisionist David Irving, which include details about his use of pseudonyms to book speaking arrangements, such as the one last week in New York that was thwarted. [Wired]
• And this year’s conference for Chabad emissaries in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was the first since a married pair of emissaries was killed during last year’s Mumbai terror attacks. [NYT]