• 33% more North American Jews will have moved to Israel this year than last, a result of the economy more than anything else. [WSJ]

• Yesterday saw the first spate of arrests of settlers protesting the construction freeze, even as the Palestinians still refuse to negotiate. “So far,” the paper says, the freeze “has succeeded only in pitting the settlers against the state.” [NYT]

• Israel revoked 4500 Palestinians’ Jerusalem residencies last year—an all-time high—according to its own newly released figures. [Washington Post]

• Though the police do not believe an October shooting at a North Hollywood, Calif. synagogue was a hate crime, they are now investigating possible ties to Israeli organized crime. [L.A. Times]

• Following his country’s ban on minaret construction, the leader of a mainstream Swiss political party called for an end to separate Jewish and Muslim cemeteries. [JTA]