Is Rahm Emanuel planning to run for the Illinois seat in the U.S. Senate due to be open next November? Capital J’s Ron Kampeas suggests he might. In a few words, he almost certainly will not: it is essentially inconceivable that, in the midst of being the boss of every White House employee other than the president, Emanuel has had time to set in motion plans to take the seat in under a year (the seat is currently held, in a two-year appointment, by Sen. Roland Burris, and previously held by President Barack Obama). But Kampeas is nonetheless perceptive to note that Emanuel, who once harbored dreams of becoming the first Jewish Speaker of the House of Representatives, has made himself more visible as of late. Last night, he headlined a congressional fundraiser for the first time since becoming White House chief-of-staff. (The event was for Rep. Howard Berman (D-California), who chairs the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee.) He also spoke at last month’s Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly. So higher profile, yes. But, for now, only in the service and at the pleasure of the president.

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