• Israel’s top strategic think-tank concluded after a war-game that there is little Israel can do to dissuade President Barack Obama from his policy of engagement regarding Iran’s nuclear program. [Haaretz/Reuters]
• The European Court of Human Rights found that a rule in Bosnia’s mid-’90s constitution barring any other than Serbs, Croats, or Bosnian Muslims from attaining the highest offices is illegally discriminatory. A Bosnian Jew and a Bosnian Roma had brought the case. [Voice of America]
• The Fundermentalist reports on the new strategic partnership between Tablet Magazine parent Nextbook and JDub. [JTA]
• The New York Review of Books’s blog (yes, they have one, too) argues that Andrei Sheptyts’kyi, a Ukrainian Greek Catholic (yes, they exist), deserves recognition as Righteous Among Nations for saving Jews during World War II. [NYR Blog]
• The Guardian apologizes for essentially printing the blood libel in their article about Israeli organ harvesting. [The Guardian via The Awl]
• Ahmadinejad as iPod (you’ll understand). [The State of the Jews]