• Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounded a note of unusual optimism regarding potential future talks with the Palestinians. [Haaretz]
• It turns out that the suicide bomber who slayed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan last week had actually been recruited by Jordanian intelligence to infiltrate al Qaeda in the Afghan hinterlands. [NYT]
• Iran announced plans to stage a massive military exercise next month while the world responds to its latest nuclear counteroffer. [WSJ]
• Rabbi Shmuley Boteach pens a dispatch from Newark International Airport, where a man recently went through a “secure” exit and shut the airport down for a time. Boteach says he had to wait for hours while his wife and children’s plane sat on the runway. [JPost]
• An Arab Knesset representative accused the Israeli military of training dogs to attack anyone who says, “Allahu Akbar.” The IDF denied the charge. [Haaretz]