• A new study argues that al Qaeda has spurned Hamas’s desire for closer cooperation. The global jihadist network is concerned that Hamas’s jihadist intentions are not quite global enough. [Ynet]
• Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Jordanian counterpart met today in Washington, D.C. They both hit the same note afterward: Israel and the Palestinians should settle border disputes, including East Jerusalem, to the point that they can sit down and talk again. [Haaretz]
• In the 1930s, a German Jew sold three Picassos out of fear that the Nazis would confiscate them. Almost 80 years later, his heirs have finally gotten them back. [CBC News via Vos Iz Neias?]
• Indie band Vampire Weekend’s lead singer and co-songwriter chastised critics who bemoan the band’s “whiteness,” saying, “The two main writers in the band are Jewish and Persian, which is a pretty broad definition of ‘whiteness.’” [Prefix]
• In case you were wondering why every nebbish Jewish guy who is able to attract women owes half their paycheck to Woody Allen, this 1965 Smirnoff ad is why. [Heeb]