Haaretz, arguably Israel’s premiere daily, brings news that Bar Refaeli, arguably Israel’s premiere supermodel, “has made another mark on the international lingerie map” by shooting a commercial for French company Passionata. If it is big enough news for Haaretz to cover, then we feel a certain journalistic responsibility to put in the shoe-leather reporting on it as well. Let’s take a look.

[0:00] That’s definitely Bar Refaeli. She used to date Leonardo DiCaprio, right? Maybe she still does? [00:26] Ah, yes, that is definitely lingerie she is wearing. It is appropriate, perhaps, that this lingerie maker is French, since “lingerie” is a French word, at least I assume … [00:52] … okay so this is their full-body type of lingerie, which (1:03) Breaking: that is new lingerie. She has just changed! Or something. [1:12] She just changed again. Okay just watch the rest of it. You know, if you want.

WATCH: Israeli Model Bar Refaeli Strips for French Underwear Company [Haaretz]