• In its first official response to the Goldstone Report, Israel wrote U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to support its own investigation of it and its military’s conduct during last January’s Gaza conflict. [NYT]
• Introducing the term “rabbah”: it’s the feminized version of “rabbi,” created for an Orthodox spiritual leader in upstate New York. [JTA]
• A long, rollicking profile of the “Indiana Jones of Torah recovery,” who may or may not be something of a charlatan. [Washington Post Magazine]
• A grainy photo appears to show a field in northern Gaza where, during last January’s Operation Cast Lead, Israeli tanks allegedly carved a gigantic Star of David. [Forecast Highs]
• A couple blocks in Brooklyn’s Park Slope were inundated with small flyers reading “KILL JEWS.” [Brooklyn Paper]
• An ultra-Orthodox rabbi accused of child molestation in the United States won his decades-long battle, with Israeli prosecutors deciding not to appeal an Israeli high court’s decision to bar his extradition. [Failed Messiah]

• Bonus! For the first part of next week, Tablet Magazine’s coverage of the important Herzliya Conference in Israel will include frequent dispatches from Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Judith Miller (yes, her). So don’t forget to check in frequently.