• Figure skater Tamar Katz qualified to represent Israel at next month’s Olympics—but Israel, whose standards are more demanding than the official international ones, will not send her. [NYT]
• A Brooklyn-based company is making and marketing a keffiyeh—the traditional Arab headwear that has become a symbol of Palestinian resistance—embroidered with blue-and-white Stars of David. [The National]
• A few kosher wines that don’t taste like unusually sugary grape juice. [NY Post]
• Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi described touring Yad Vashem as “like getting punched in the stomach,” and penned in the guest book, “Our soul screams out—‘This cannot be.’ Then it jolts and bellows—‘Never again!’” [Ynet]
• Finally, The New Yorker liked—it really liked!—last week’s Lincoln Center concert inspired by Nextbook Press’s A Fine Romance. [Book Bench]