The offending photo of Ms. Morton.(Haaretz)

The most uncontroversially awesome thing in the world—the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (really, what’s not to love? okay, we know there is an argument against it, but come on)—has managed to court controversy anyway with an online-only photo of Genevieve Morton next to a WWII jet, complete with (as you can see) swastikas.

We could focus on that. Or we could focus on the fold-out that 2009 cover model Bar Refaeli got, or the appearance of Refaeli’s fellow Israeli model, 19-year-old Esti Ginzburg. Come on, people. Let’s keep our eyes on what’s important.

UPDATE: To be clear, the Nazi flags represent kills that particular plane made. Each one, in other words, represents at least one dead Nazi. What, we should be upset about this?

Nazi Swastika Adorns Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue [Haaretz]