• A report has it that the U.S.-mediated indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will launch as part of Vice President Joe Biden’s visit. He arrives in Israel a couple days. [Ynet]

• U.S. Senators on both sides of the aisle had harsh words for Israeli policy on Gaza and the peace process, with Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) raising the prospect of lowered aid. [JPost]

• The first “Rabba”—a female Orthodox rabbi—will have her ordination revoked at the insistence of the Rabbinical Council of America. [The Jewish Star]

• Orthodox Jews in the northeast United States faced problems last month as record snowfalls toppled eruvim denoting the boundaries of where you can walk during Shabbat. [NYT]

• Walter Russell Mead weighs in on that Gallup poll. [American Interest]

• Don’t forget to watch the Oscars Sunday night (and don’t forget to use our cheat sheet while you do so). A Serious Man could become the most notably Jewish Best Picture winner ever. The current holder of that honor?