The Hurva synagogue.(WSJ)

• Secretary of State Clinton chewed out Prime Minister Netanyahu over the East Jerusalem announcement (and Tablet Magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg approves). [Ynet]

• But one experienced observer predicts that such rebukes will be the beginning and end of U.S. response: “for this very busy president, the Arab-Israeli issue now has little to do with his stock at home. Frankly, it isn’t even the most important priority in the region.” [Politico]

• Birthright co-founder Michael Steinhardt has an idea—involving significant reparations as well as resettlement—for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [WSJ]

• A survey found that nearly half of Israeli high-schoolers would refuse to evacuate West Bank settlements as soldiers and believe Israeli Arabs do not merit the same rights as Israeli Jews. [Haaretz]

• A good long look at the Hurva, the grand 300-year-old synagogue in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, which is about to be rededicated after extensive restoration. [WSJ]

• Jon Stewart on Biden’s trip to Israel:

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