Oh yes, it’s today. Find the nearest Ben & Jerry’s here and get your ‘scream.

Meanwhile, why don’t founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield encourage the company to honor their roots by offering a Jewish-themed flavor? Or five? Tablet Magazine staffers came up with the following suggestions (some of which have better chances than others):

Promised Land: Malted-milk flavored ice cream with honey swirls.

Jewcy Fruit: Berry ice cream with bits of (swallow-able) fruit-flavored gum.

Shaved Shabbat: Horchata-flavored ice cream with shaved ice.

A Great Miracle Happened Here: Potato ice cream with apple swirls.

The Big Tzimmes: Carrot ice cream with prune and apricot ‘core’.

Bubbelicious: Chicken broth-flavored ice cream with matzoh ball nuggets.

A Sweet New Year: Honey ice cream with cinnamon-apple swirl.

Macaroon Lagoon: Coconut with chocolate chips and fudge swirls.

Meshuggah Cookie: Sugar cookie-flavored ice cream with pieces of sugar cookie and rainbow sprinkles.

Find the Afikomen: Chocolate-dipped matzoh in a ginger ice cream.

The Exodus: Strawberry (red sea) on two sides, vanilla up the middle.

Gefilte Phish Food: Chocolate ice cream, caramel, marshmallow, and tiny chocolate carp, pike, and whitefish.

Got any others? Leave ’em in the comments!