Many of you seem to have a lot to say concerning my little cri de coeur about reconciling my liberalism with Zionism, and my uneasy feeling that I’ve fallen down on the parenting job by not addressing my ambivalence head-on with my kids. I appreciate all the comments, positive and negative. (Well, maybe not so much the one calling me a vapid ignoramus, but then I just took deep breaths and bought shoes on the Internet until the sad feelings passed!)

I’d love to continue to engage with you on this subject. I’ll devote my next column to responding to readers’ comments and questions. Send your suggestions, objections, and queries to marjorie@tabletmag.com—please try to be civil so your own mama would be proud of you—in as few words as possible, by day’s end Wednesday, and I’ll answer as many as I can next Monday. Thanks!

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