• The United States will push for some sort of alternative to the Gaza blockade. [NYT]

• Israel has clarified that its landings of five of six ships were peaceful; on the biggest, the Mavi Marmara, passengers resisted violently, it said. Activists continue to challenge the Israeli line. [WSJ]

• Vice President Biden weighed in with strong words of support for Israel’s actions. AIPAC applauded this and congressional statements of solidarity. [Ben Smith]

• Israel’s military has come under perhaps unprecedented criticism in the wake of the incident. [WSJ]

• Palestinians were apparently refusing to accept the humanitarian goods from the flotilla, which Israel took, inspected, and attempted to deliver to Gaza. [NYT]

• Israel’s ambassador, Michael Oren, argues that elements in the flotilla were unconcerned with a humanitarian goal and were instead looking “to destroy any hope of peace.” [NYT]