Bernard Madoff.(Wikipedia)

Following: The top five quotes from convicts in New York‘s profile of Bernard Madoff in prison.

5. “Food is a very big thing in prison.” -John Conza, convicted counterfeiter.

4. “Bernie adjusted better than I did. He didn’t seem like he had any worry or stressed too much or had nerve or panic attacks, like I did. Going from an $8 million house to an eight-by-ten cell, I would feel smothered. Bernie never complained that I heard.” -Shannon Hay, convicted drug dealer.

3. “You couldn’t get an ice-cream cone off him.” -John Bowler, convicted drug trafficker on Madoff.

2. “You are going to pay with God.” -Jonathan Pollard, convicted Israeli spy, to Madoff.

1. “Fuck my victims. I carried them for twenty years, and now I’m doing 150 years.” -Bernard Madoff, convicted Ponzi schemer.

Bernie Madoff, Free At Last [NYmag]