• Israel announced it will “liberalize” its land blockade of Gaza, significantly easing the importation of many things. Its naval blockade will stay. [NYT]

• The U.S. Treasury Department blacklisted several new organizations related to Iran’s energy sector, Revolutionary Guard Corps, and more, to complement the new sanctions passed last week. [LAT]

• Yet about those just-passed energy sanctions: They would be easily circumvented (should President Obama sign them) via the black market, a report says. [WSJ]

• And speaking of energy, that super-massive natural gas field off the coast of northern Israel keeps looking bigger. But it could provide for conflict with Lebanon, which may claim part of it. [UPI/Vos Iz Neias?]

• Several bipartisan congresspersons lambasted Turkey yesterday at a press conference, blaming it for the nine deaths in the flotilla incident. [JPost]

• Want to visit a permanent Hezbollah museum? They’ve got you covered. [WSJ]