• It’s been reported that Mel Gibson told his ex-girlfriend that he hopes she is “raped by a pack of [n-words].” But it turns out he was just doing a spot for the ADL’s “Anti-Semitism is Anti-Me” campaign. [HuffPo]

• In a special address on the subject, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he would be hesitant to free terrorists who would be likely to strike again in exchange for captured soldier Gilad Shalit. [Haaretz]

• Files listing all the French collaborationists will soon be made public, scanned, and put online. “I’m not in the mood to see a four-hour documentary on the Nazis,” says Annie Hall somewhere. [Telegraph/Vos Iz Neias?]

• In the comments, we’re alerted to a podcast with Sam Munson over the politics in his novel. [Forward]

• Jesse Michaels, of legendary punk act Operation Ivy, discusses his late father, essayist Leonard. [Jewcy]

Hey, look! Here’s John Hodgman, on last night’s Daily Show, making the exact same joke about Nazi-harboring World Cup teams that I made yesterday morning!

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