A similar mock Tel Aviv beach, in Vienna.(Courtesy Consulate General of Israel in New York)

Tel Aviv is turning 100 this year, and to celebrate that birthday the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Centennial Administration will plant what its press release calls an “authentic Mediterranean beachfront” in New York’s Central Park. So how do you turn a blooming place into a desert? By trucking in 30 tons of (local) sand to cover a 15-meter square. And what makes that a Tel Aviv beach and not, say, the nearby Jersey Shore? “If you’re lying in the sun, no matter where it is, the sand’s the same sand,” David Saranga, an official with the Israeli consulate in New York, told Tablet. “What gives it a different flavor is the atmosphere around it.” So there’ll be Israeli-style beach volleyball, Israeli-style reggae—and IDF troops musical groups performing on a nearby stage, he says. The beach, which cost $200,000, will last for seven hours on June 21.

CORRECTION: Turns out Saranga said “groups” would be performing. Not “troops.” We regret the auditory error.

Central Park’s Tel Aviv ‘Beach Party’ [Jerusalem Post]