We may soon be able to hear Mel Gibson tell the mother of his child that he hopes she gets raped by a gang of black-people-who-are-themselves-lower-forms-of-life. Apparently his ex-girlfriend recorded 30 minutes (30 minutes!) of ranting from Mad Mel. Figure a conservative estimate of three racial epithets per minute, and you’re approaching 100 different colorful ways for Gibson to refer to his fellow human beings.

While you await this smorgasbord of hatred, three items are worth your attention:

• Tablet Magazine contributing editor Ben Greenman—author of the new What He’s Poised To Do—has reposted fragments from Mel! The Musical, which first appeared in 2006. [BenGreenman.com]

• Foster Kamer has a truly ingenious Mel Gibson Quoteable Flow Chart. See what Gibson would say to you! [Village Voice]

• If you have made it to this point in your life without seeing South Park’s “The Passion of the Jew,” today is the day to take 20 minutes and, y’know, rectify that. [South Park Studios]