• The Anne Frank Trust UK commissioned a picture projecting what the Holocaust victim would have looked like at 80, for some reason. Her half-sister saw the picture and thinks Frank would have looked more “bitter and disappointed.” [Telegraph]
• The Traveling Jewish Theatre has stopped wandering. It’s now The Jewish Theatre, San Francisco. [S.F. Chronicle]
• A nuanced Jewish take on suicide, prompted by a 102-year-old philanthropist who apparently jumped off a bridge. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
• A new book uses the story of a Jewish track and field star from the early 20th century—when the sport was “the equivalent to NASCAR today”—to address questions of ethnicity. [Columbus Dispatch]
• Another book, about the history of Jewish businesses in Atlantic City, is sure to provoke nostalgia in anyone who’s ever had an Uncle Mayer the Jeweler, Cousin Sam the Egg Man, or Grandpa Alan the Milkman. [Phil. Inquirer]
• New phones that can be operated using one’s teeth will allow Orthodox medical personnel to make calls on the Sabbath, thus retroactively removing a major plot point from The Chosen. (Or was it My Name Is Asher Lev?) [JPost]
• Britain’s chief rabbi thinks the world economy could benefit from a little of that Shabbat spirit: there’s “nothing wrong with a market run economy, but … six days out of seven is quite enough.” [Algemeiner]
• The class of 1959 from the Centro Israelita de Cuba—Havana’s only Jewish high school—held its 50th reunion this weekend. In Miami Beach, of course. [Miami Herald]
• There’s been a recall of I ♥ NY-brand smoked salmon. Feh. [FDA.gov]