The Mavi Marmara is tugged out of Haifa harbor.(Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Obama administration may request a “special inspection” of Syria’s nuclear sites, which could leave it vulnerable to significant sanctions. [WSJ]

• Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren takes to the op-ed page to note the recent attacks on Israel and insist that it will defend itself but is also ready to make peace. [WP]

• Ukrainian authorities arrested an Israeli for allegedly ringleading a $40 million organ-smuggling operation. [Haaretz]

• Newly leaked documents demonstrate that Iran is continuing its non-peaceful nuclear program. [AP and Reuters/Haaretz]

• An outfit that was founded by right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson filed a petition in New York court to overturn the Landmarks Preservation Commision’s Cordoba House decision. [JPost]

• The infamous Mavi Marmara is on its way back to Turkey. [NYT]

Also, in case you’d forgotten, the Supreme Court received the eighth Jew in its history.