• Israel’s chief rabbi strikes back at American Jews for “coercing the Israeli government” to drop the Rotem conversion bill. [NYT]

• Éminence grise columnist Jim Hoagland chastises President Obama for having formed his principles for the Mideast without first fully understanding the region. [WP]

• After the U.S. State Department warned Americans about traveling to Israel and especially Eilat following last week’s rocket attacks, Israel wants to know why there was so similar warning for Jordan, which was also hit. [JTA]

• At a secret meeting, Israeli officials warned Hamas about its planned policy of abducting West Bank settlers as short-term bargaining chips. [Haaretz]

• In a Jerusalem neighborhood, the eruv—the wire marking the Shabbat boundary—is a source of constant controversy. [LAT]

• Rabbi Bruce M. Cohen, co-founder of Interns for Peace, died at 65. [NYT]