The cabinet meets yesterday.(Gali Tibbon-Pool/Getty Images)

• The Israeli cabinet overwhelmingly approved a controversial bill that would require non-Jewish aspirational citizens to declare allegiance to the “Jewish and democratic state.” It will be up for a Knesset vote. [NYT]

• The Arab League has given the United States one month to coax Israel into re-freezing West Bank construction before it endorses shutting down peace talks. [LAT]

• Turns out that some of the problems Iran has been having with its nuclear program are related to Western sabotage after all. [LAT]

• Completely unrelatedly, Iran said it is ready to return to the negotiating table. [Laura Rozen]

• The talk of Israel has been just-declassified behind-the-scenes transcripts of discussions among Israeli leadership in the early, dark days ofr 1973’s Yom Kippur War. [NYT]

• Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to reinstitute the freeze. [Haaretz]