Bieber at the Staples Center earlier this week.(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Add one more to the list of maladies burdening Shimon Peres, the 87-year-old president of Israel: Bieber fever!

Justin Bieber, to those of our readers without access to gossip blogs or tween girls, is the implausibly coiffed, underaged, pseudo-Jewish singing sensation, known for intricate pop masterpieces with titles like “Baby,” “Love Me,” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” He is also the focus of a recent campaign by the Peres Center for Peace, a nongovernmental organization dedicated to “reconciliation by and for the people of the Middle East.” And what better way to reconcile than to bring Bieber, at a reported cost of $1.5 million, to Tel Aviv, where he’s slated to give a concert next April?

“The Peres Center is thrilled to invite renowned persons and artists, to expose them to the Center’s activities and show them a different side of Israel,” a spokesperson for the Center told Haaretz‘s entertainment magazine, Mouse (translation mine). The Center stepped in after a planned Bieber concert in Israel fell through for financial reasons, and helped rally the necessary funding. Which has got to be Peres’s second most formidable accomplishment, after that business with the Oslo Accords and the Nobel Peace Prize.

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