• Marco Rubio, you’ve just won Florida’s open Senate seat and made yourself arguably the most prominent active Tea Party politician. What are you going to do now? “I’m going to Israel!” [Ynet/Vos Iz Neias?]

• A new, years-in-the-making report argues that the German Foreign Ministry—generally thought of as among the less complicit government departments—helped ferry ex-Nazis out of the country or employ them during and after World War II. [The Independent]

• Israel will cease to cooperate with UNESCO until the U.N. group reverses its decision removing the Cave of the Patriarchs from the list of Israeli national sites. [JPost]

• “Half-shabbos”: The kids are all about it these days. [Bloghead]

• If you’re in New York City tonight, Professor Jonathan Sarna is giving a talk about Ulysses S. Grant and the Jews—which just so happens to be the subject of his forthcoming Nextbook Press book. [NYPL]

• An Orthodox man explains how he drew away from his prior beliefs about homosexuality as he related to his lesbian daughter. [NJ Jewish Standard via JustASC]

They’ve gone and made a movie about a famous British joke about one “Mrs. Cohen.” The joke, which you’ll catch in the course of the trailer, isn’t bad: