Ariel Sharon lighting Hannukah candles, 2005.(Kevin Frayer-Pool/Getty Images)

• Shorty after it was chided by the U.S. for announcing new East Jeruslaem settlement construction, Israel announced even more, and even more controversial, long-in-the-works building in the West Bank settlement of Ariel. [Haaretz]

• Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), who heads the Foreign Relations Committee, is traveling through the region to reaffirm U.S. support for Lebanese autonomy. [Laura Rozen]

• Lori Berenson, the left-wing activist who had been jailed for two decades in Peru before being released and then briefly jailed again, was released again. [AP/NYT]

• Iran denied that it had failed to cooperate with U.N. nuclear inspectors. [NYT]

• Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will be moved from the hospital where he has spent the past five years in a coma to his home. [Ynet]

• Michael Seifert, 86, called the “Butcher of Bolzano” for his deeds at a north Italian concentration camp, died in an Italian prison, where he was serving a life sentence. [NYT]