Vienna Mezuzah, York Mezuzah, and Toledo Mezuzah, by Richard Meier(Tablet Magazine)

Last night the Jewish Museum Shop unveiled its signature line of “Modern Ceremonial Art” titled designeditionJM. The big news was the new work from two titans of design, architect Richard Meier (whose stuff Judith Matloff previewed yesterday) and industrial designer Dror Benshetrit, who both dabbled in mezuzot.

While Meier’s clearly referenced the pantheon of architecture (and mimicked his limited-edition menorah), Benshetrit brought the modern and commercial to his Alessi-forged mezuzah, which was modeled after an ancient seal. “Am I designing a Jewish item, or a traditional item?” Benshetrit asked himself when Alessi approached him for a design. This writer thinks he created a subtle and approachable wholesale item, ready for museum shops and high-end department stores everywhere.

Hand Washing Cup by Piet Cohen
Tablet Magazine

The collection also featured some fantastic designs by Talila Abraham, an Israeli designer, using laser-cut steel to make lace-like but sturdy challah baskets and mezuzot; Piet Cohen’s industrial but brightly-colored washing cups; and household-names Karim Rashid and Jonathan Adler’s menorahs.

Dror Benshetrit and Richard Meier
Tablet Magazine

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