The tailor Martin Greenfield.(NYT)

• President Obama’s top Mideast national security adviser assured Jewish leaders that the administration hadn’t meant to make a big deal over last week’s East Jerusalem housing announcement. [JTA]

• Martin Greenfield is a tailor to the New York stars; he has been doing it for 60 years. His introduction to the trade came in Auschwitz. [NYT]

• Create your own Pamella Geller rant! [Little Green Footballs via Goldblog]

• Ron Radosh, who has written extensively on the Rosenbergs, responds to Gil Troy’s essay about Jonathan Pollard. [Pajamas Media]

• Tablet Magazine is co-sponsoring a nonfiction essay contest. Winner gets to go to Vilnius. Yes, yes, Vilnius in summer. [Summer Literary Seminars]

• Gagosian Gallery is running a very Jewish show, Anselm Kiefer’s “Next Year in Jerusalem.” [WSJ]

Jewish Funds for Justice finds the consonances between Glenn Beck’s Soros documentary and the Protocols.