• Heinrich Boere, convicted Nazi war criminal, lost his appeal in a German court. He may still avoid prison due to his age. [Radio Netherlands]

• A 54 year old man accused of anti-Semitic vandalism at Indiana University has been fired by the school. [Vosizneiaz]

• Another great Op-ed wondering why we keep Henry Kissinger around and mourning that Richard Holbrooke isn’t. [Politico]

• Speaking of which, Mort Zuckerman thinks Hank is getting a bum rap. [NYT]

• A high-level priest in the Greek Orthodox Church explained on the country’s largest television channel that Jews were to blame for Greece’s financial problems, one-parent families, same-sex marriage, globalization, and Hitler, among other things. [JPost]

• Hate crimes in Los Angeles County dropped overall, but increased against Jews 50% [LAT]

• Eric Schmertz, labor negotiator, is dead. He was 84. [NYT]