(Fox via Mediaite)

• According to Fox News, Eli Wiesel is a “Holocaust Winner.” According to Tablet Magazine, Fox News needs new interns. [Mediaite]

• Landon Cohen just signed. That makes the Pats officially Tablet’s team. Oh, wait, “It’s a Jewish last name and I don’t know how I got it.” [ESPN]

• Alan Dershowitz examines Bishop Desmond Tutu’s difficulties with, in his words, “a peculiar people.” If Dershowitz isn’t your cup of tea (he gently scolded me once, with reason, and I never recovered) read Sudanese human rights activist Simon Deng on the subject. [Hudson New York]

• Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey has written to President Obama asking him to convert Jonathan Pollard’s sentence to time served. [JPost]

• Bolivia has formally recognized Palestine as an independent state. [Haaretz]

• Minority Affairs Minister Avishav Braverman said in a speech that Israel is becoming Iran. Maybe Iran could become Israel too in a remake of Freaky Friday. [Ynet]