Dear God.(New Voices)

• Citing the administration’s record of “dysfunction” on the Mideast peace process, experienced negotiator Aaron David Miller calls for Secretary of State Clinton to take a more active, involved role. [Foreign Policy]

• You can get a calendar featuring the hunks of the Cornell AEPi. Does not—repeat: Does not—appear to be a parody. [New Voices]

• On the subject of Israel, Eric Alterman (a Cornell grad!) finds clowns to the left of him and jokers to the right. [Moment]

• Is Jean-Marc Liling’s Jerusalem apartment more “Jerusalem” or more “European”? Either way, it is totally awesome. Jerusalem is totally the new Brooklyn! [NYT]

• Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA officer who handled Iranian defectors, was indicted for leaking information to a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter. [AP]

• Apply for this year’s Selah Leadership Forum. You know you wanna! [Jewish Funds for Justice]

• Why aren’t all of you writing several-hundred-word blogposts inspired by Josh Lambert’s weekly column? [Erika Dreifus]

Kindergarten, Likud-style.