• The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Rahm Emanuel can run for mayor, overturning the appeals court verdict. The debate is tonight. [The Fix]

• Fox News accuses 400 rabbis of left-wing conspiracy. [Cutline]

• Brilliant: “How to be Jewish”. [Thought Catalog]

• Jerry Seinfeld on why a blizzard is like Yom Kippur. (What’s the deal with snow?) [Arts Beat]

• A really interesting report about two Jewish children of an unfit mother whose foster parents are non-Jewish and want to adopt them—but the mother wants them to go to a Jewish family. No idea how to feel about this.
[Jewish Star]

• Marty Peretz—despite recently saying it would “never happen” in NYT Magazine—will be returning to The New Republic as editor-in-chief emeritus with a brand new column on the website. In other words, he’s baaaack. [TNR]

This is exactly how I feel when I have to decide between watching Seinfeld and, I don’t know, going to the DMV?