A protester in Cairo.(Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)

• Hosni Mubarak remains the president of Egypt. Both Vice President Omar Suleiman, who seems to do be doing a lot of the running of things, and Secretary of State Clinton warned of the instability that would follow his too-hasty departure. [NYT]

• Suleiman met with representatives of the opposition, most notably of the technically banned Muslim Brotherhood. [AFP/Laura Rozen]

• The U.S. and Egyptian militaries maintain close ties (even now), which could be the means for insisting upon Mubarak’s immediate ouster, should it come to that. [WSJ]

• Egypt cut off Israel’s natural gas supply as a safety precaution following an explosion in the Sinai. Reminder: Israel gets as much as one-fourth of its energy from natural gas via Egypt. [WP]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu announced a new economic package to the Palestinian Authority in order to promote West Bank stability, timed, likely, for Quartet talks over the weekend. [NYT]

• Accomplished Nazi-hunter Tuviah “Merciless One” Friedman (he was an accomplice of Simon Wiesenthal’s) died at 88. [NYT]