Arab Leage head Amr Moussa last October.(Henning Schacht-Pool/Getty Images)

• You first (or earlier) heard it here last Friday, from Les Gelb: Amr Moussa, the president of the Arab League, is someone to watch as Egypt’s future takes shape. [WP]

• Rep. Jane Harman, Democrat from Los Angeles and a strong (and Jewish) supporter of Israel, is resigning and taking her talents to the Smithsonian’s Woodrow Wilson Center. [Politico]

• Appropriately enough, Jerusalem has turned into one of the Stations of the Cross otherwise known as the Republican primaries. [LAT]

• Dan Quayle—remember him?—came out in favor of Jonathan Pollard’s release. [Haaretz]

• Maurice Sendak drew exactly one mural, and it’s now in Philly. [Daddy Types]

• A new exhibit explores the Apollo Theater’s history: A story incomplete without mention of the Schiffman family, which was featured on a Vox Tablet. [NYT]

This was pretty.