Tahrir Square last night.(Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images)

Anger in Tahrir Square. [NYT]

• Egypt’s army is backing President Hosni Mubarak’s decision to say on as president until the September elections while delegating some power to Vice President Omar Suleiman. This is key. [WSJ]

• The administration did not see Mubarak’s defiance coming; in fact, this defiance was something of a middle finger directed at it. President Obama insisted last night the transition to democracy must be more clear, “unequivocal.” [WP]

• In Israel’s leadership, relief; in the rest of the region’s leadership, relief, which they have to disguise a bit more. [WP]

• Some reports have it that Mubarak and his family have temporarily left Cairo. [CBS News]

• An Israeli official who spoke to Mubarak explained that the Egyptian president knows his time is up, but wants to leave in an “honorable” fashion.” (Um, ooops.) [LAT]

• Mohammed ElBaradei finally emerges in his rightful place, as the opposition person who writes a Times op-ed. [NYT]