Bahraini tanks move in.(Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images)

• The two Iranian ships that threatened to attempt to pass through the Suez Canal won’t; an Arabic television station reported that Egypt’s new regime quashed their efforts. [Ynet]

• A profile of Amr Moussa, the popular Egyptian opposition politician—the Mohammed ElBaradei whom Egyptians actually like—who is nonetheless probably too old, at 74, to make a real run at the presidency. [LAT]

• Bahrain’s day of rage leads to violence, a crackdown, and a state of emergency. [WP]

• Last week, the Palestinian Authority declared September elections. But now President Abbas says that if Hamas doesn’t allow voting in Gaza—which it probably won’t—then the voting will probably be cancelled. [Ynet]

• A secret Obama adminstration report had predicted that populations under U.S.-backed Arab despots may grow restive and revolt. [NYT]

• Yet since that prophesy has come to pass, U.S. intelligence has struggled to keep up with the sheer speed and volume of events in the region. [LAT]