-/AFP/Getty Images(An Iranian ship passes through Suez, the one two that are the first to do so since 1979.)

• Two Iranian ships passed through the Suez Canal en route to Syria this morning, and Israel is, so far, not freaking out. [NYT]

• Muammar Qaddafi may be the latest, if strangest, Arab strongman to lose his decades-long hold on power. [NYT]

• A new U.S. intelligence reports finds that Iran’s nuclear weapons program has recovered from Stuxnet and the like, but that there is actually considerable debate about whether to continue trying to build a bomb. [WP]

• Palestinians protest the U.S. veto at the U.N; Prime Minister Netanyahu thanks us. [WP/Haaretz]

• Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren tried to balance between optimism and wariness in a Times op-ed about Egypt. [NYT]

• Bet I can blow your mind. Ready? Bahrain’s ambassador to the United States: Jewish. [JPost]