Young Palestinian laborers in Qaliqilya, in the West Bank.(NYT)

• Who will survive in the Mideast? Here’s a hint: If you come at the king, you’re probably going to miss. [NYT]

• Representatives from the so-called Quartet are hoping to meet separately with the Israelis and the Palestinians in the hopes of getting something going for 2011, peace process-wise. [AP/Vos Iz Neias?]

• Syria reported that the Iranian warships that transited through the Suez Canal had arrived, bearing “a message of peace” (warships are good for that). Israeli Defense Minister Barak played down the event. [Reuters/NYT]

• Inspired by events throughout the Arab world, some young Palestinians are working to ease the sharp, at times bloody divide between the Gaza and West Bank leaderships that, they know, only hurts their bargaining position and prospects for peace. [NYT]

• Jordanian King Abdullah II has instituted several reforms and dissolved a whole cabinet, but for many of his countrymen—both Palestinian “Meds” and tribal “Beds”—it’s not enough. [LAT]

• The Chilean miners go to Israel! Shacking up with President Peres, no less. [NYT]