• A beautiful map of organized crime describes the Israeli Mafia as “Non-hierarchical and egalitarian.” [Wired]

• Ron Paul lays out his ‘foreign policy’ towards Israel [Newsrealblog]

• The ‘Arab lobby’ finds itself in some awkward positions these days. [NYT]

• Wikileaks’ Julian Assange denies reports he believes he’s the victim of a ‘Jewish conspiracy.’ Still believes in a non-denominational conspiracy. [NYT]

• The Arab League opposes foreign intervention in Libya and demand Gadaffi voluntarily respect Libyan’s rights. [Haaretz]

• But rebel Libyan want limited support from the United Nations. [NYT]

• Meanwhile, two U.S. warships have entered the Suez Canal, but Defense Secretary Robert Gates denies they’ll be used for military purposes. [NYT]