You know what a Harvard Scientist, Oscar winner, uncrowned Jewish saint and future mother and leader of the Anti-Defamation League like Natalie Portman needs? A man to tell her that she’s a bad role model. Mike Huckabee is that man. He’s called her out because she’s, as they say, with child without husband and kids might look at her and think, “Awesome”. Now, first of all, not that it actually matters, but Portman is engaged to Benjamin Millepied, and yes, a dancer named Millepied is awesome. Second of all, as many many people have pointed out, Huckabee remains mum on the subject of say, two teenagers being forced to marry to help a reality TV star’s career.

Cutting to the chase, Mike Huckabee is right in that Portman is a role model—she’s just not a role model he likes. She’s an Ivy league educated scientist who has published papers on Evolutionary Psychology. She’s a Liberal Zionist. She’s a multi-talented, well-admired, sexually active woman who waited until she was ready to have children—and oh yeah, when she does get married, chances are it won’t be in a Baptist Church. Clearly, civilization would be destroyed if there were more people like her.

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