David Stern.(Wikipedia)

Locked in a tight playoff race and with his star player, center Dwight Howard, having received a questionable suspension, Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy had some choice words about NBA Commissioner David Stern:

There’s no case to present to the NBA. They like the way the game is being called. … This is the system. David Stern and his minions like it. … And I certainly can’t have an opinion because David Stern, like a lot of leaders we’ve seen in this world lately, don’t really tolerate other people’s opinions or free speech or anything. So I’m not really allowed to have an opinion, so it’s up to him. He decides. And he likes the system that he has … [H]e does not tolerate freedom of speech when it comes to NBA issues. He’s the only opinion.

Essentially, yeah! Though perhaps not quite the equivalent of Hosni Mubarak, as Bethelehem Shoals explained it last week in Tablet Magazine, “Stern is an autocratic jerk.” Why is this (somewhat) okay? Because “it never feels like he loves power for power’s sake,” Shoals argues. “Even at his most despotic, he values the justification, and the process, as much as he does the putting of his foot down.” Mubarak wasn’t so much into that stuff.

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