Yesterday, the dependably pro-Israel New York Post began “rounding out” its Middle East coverage with the debut of a weekly 48-page supplement from the reliably right-of-center Jerusalem Post. To be fair, it isn’t the paper’s range of opinion that the Rupert Murdoch tabloid is looking to beef up with its new partner, but circulation—and ad sales. As the Times reported in April, weekends have long been tough for the Post; Sunday circulation was just 61 percent of the paper’s weekday figure last year. The Post’s hope is that the insert—which will appear in 105,000 issues every Sunday—will help narrow the discrepancy. The misanthrope may be tempted to muse on whether the debut issue’s advertisers will continue to be interested once the project’s novelty wears off (i.e., next Sunday), but seeing as we are ourselves a new publication, it seems churlish to be pessimistic. And so, let us join the chorus of well-wishers. B’hatzlacha!

‘Jerusalem Post NY Edition’ Hits the Streets Today [Jerusalem Post]