Sarah Palin at the Western Wall.(Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

• Yad Vashem is gaining access to the Ukrainian KGB archives, in a deal expected to lead to revelations about the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews during World War Two. [Haaretz]

• A Palestinian human rights group offered details on what it said was Israel’s kidnapping of a Palestinian engineer in Ukraine (Israel acknowledged he is in its custody). [AP/WP]

• Sarah Palin is keeping her visit to the Holy Land deliberately low-key and press-averse. [AP/WP]

• Reports out of Knoxville are that Tennessee Volunteers coach Bruce Pearl has indeed been fired. [WP]

• Contributing editor Jeff Goldberg’s cameo in the Helen Thomas Playboy interview. [Goldblog]

• Are younger Israelis trending rightward? [NYRB]

In 1963, Bob Dylan played Brandeis, and soon, we’ll all be able to hear it. Apparently one of the tracks he performed is “Bob Dylan’s Dream,” sung here by Judy Collins to Pete Seeger: