• Amazingly enough, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords staff are speculating that she will be recovered enough to run for re-election, or even the Senate. [NYT]

• A Palestinian human rights group in Gaza has blown everyone’s mind by condemning the building and storage of anti-Israel rockets in densely populated areas. It called on Hamas to “investigate and ‘take measures to protect Palestinians and their property.” [NYT]

• Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, breaking the silence he’d maintained since being accused of passing on an offer to Iran to drop the investigation of the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association in return for improved trade, impressed on Natan Sharansky “his deep commitment to the investigation,” said Sharansky. [NYT]

• Defense Minister Ehud Barak inaugurated the opening trial of the Iron Dome defense battery by saying additional layers of anti-missile missiles are on their way. [JPost]

• Sunni-ruled Bahrain has lodged a formal complaint with the Lebanese government against Shi’ite Hezbollah for training Shi’ite Bahraini protesters. Hezbollah denied involvement. [JPost]

• Tunisia doesn’t like Israel’s (rebuffed) attempts to get the small Tunisian Jewish community to immigrate. [YNet]

• The Knesset has doubled the profit taxes on extracting gas and oil from Israeli territory in preparation for the exploitation of recently discovered natural gas reserves. [NYT]

• The reactions in Syria and Israel to President Assad’s speech. [NYT]

• Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos stated yesterday that Colombia will not recognize a unilaterally declared Palestinian State. [Colombia Reports]