Columnist Michelle Goldberg catches up with Fred Karger today in Tablet Magazine. A one-time practitioner of electoral dark arts for the Republican Party, he is now himself helming a quixotic bid for the GOP nomination. Why quixotic? Because Karger is gay.

See, Karger discovered that the Mormon Church played an outsize role in passing California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8, and now he wants to get the Church to rectify its stance … and, perhaps, serve a side dish of revenge by bringing down the Mormon candidate Mitt Romney. “By discussing the LDS church’s centrally planned, lavishly funded campaign against marriage equality,” Goldberg explains, “he can do two things at once: remind moderates of the Republican Party’s extreme social conservatism, and remind evangelicals of Romney’s alien faith.” Basically, he plans to use one group of people who don’t like him to defeat another group of people who don’t like him even more. Even if this weren’t Tablet, would I need to tell you that Karger is also Jewish?

Elder Statesman