Israeli soldiers in front of an Iron Dome launcher.(David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Mavi Marmara ship will be sent back to Gaza next month as part of another flotilla. “Freedom flotilla 2” will include more than 15 vessels. [Jerusalem Post]

• Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted a Grad rocket fired from the Gaza strip—a potential strategic game-changer for Israel. The new defense system can locate and shoot at incoming rockets “within seconds of their launch.” [Haaretz]

• Meanwhile, a 16-year-old is in critical condition, suffering head injuries after the school bus he was on was hit by an anti-tank missile from the Gaza Strip. [Jerusalem Post]

• Kazakhstani Jewish billionaire Alexander Mashkevitch announced plans to start a news channel that “would deliver fairer coverage of Israel than that which the international media provides.” So basically Al-Jewzeera. [Jerusalem Post]

• In the event that you find all this Goldstone business confusing, the JTA’s “Goldstone: A Primer,” offers a concise, if somewhat trivializing, play-by-play. [JTA]

• And, just to clear things up: former NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black is definitely not related to YouTube sensation (and possible Jew) Rebecca Black [Gothamist]

Also: why we love the Beastie Boys.