Ultra-conservative Salafis protest in Jordan last month.(Salah Malkawi/Getty Images)

• Jordan’s Islamists step to the fore of the country’s protests. [Time]

• Israeli officials warned this afternoon of a planned imminent Hezbollah attack on Israeli interests abroad. [JPost]

• Before he was captured by the Mossad, tried in Israel, and put to death, Adolf Eichmann longed to return from Argentina to Germany as a national hero, according to a new German book. Too bad. [Reuters/Ynet]

• A monument to Jewish military chaplains at Arlington National Cemetery may be in the works. [AP/WP]

• Contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg on Sister Mary Schmuck and all the other Schmucks in the world. [Atlantic]

• Heartwarming story about how a Holocaust survivors database reunited two cousins. [AP/WP]

The half-hour-long new Beastie Boys video, loaded with cameos, dropped today. Below is part 1; to watch the other two, go here.